Immigration Physicals

Immigration Physical


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Immigration physicals and medical clearance required for immigration and citizenship are available at the Anwan Wellness Medical Center. These comprehensive physicals are conducted at both our Tucker and Hapeville, Georgia, locations. Call us today or contact us online to make an appointment for an immigration physical.


When applying either for a green card or to be a permanent resident in the United States, an immigration physical is required for Anyone applying for a green card or permanent resident status in the United States is required to undergo an immigration physical.

At the Anwan Wellness Medical Center our physicians are approved by the United States Customs and immigration Services to provide immigration clearance physicals.

What can I expect during my Immigration Physical?

At your immigration physical appointment your examining physician will review all of your immunization and health records. These documents are essential so that Form I-693 which is the Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record can be filled out properly.

After performing a complete physical exam, issues, tests for drug and alcohol use will be conducted. Your healthcare provider will request other blood and urine testing as is considered necessary.

A mental health evaluation will also be conducted.

Female doctor hand hold silver pen filling patient history list at clipboard pad.

What happens if I fail the Immigration Physical?

If you test positive for diseases such as tuberculosis or syphilis or have a positive drug or alcoholic test or appear to exhibit severe mental health that put the public health at risk your physical will be rejected and you will be rejected from acceptance to immigrate.

You can also be rejected if your vaccinations are not up to date.

Call us today or apply for an appointment online for an immigration physical at any of our conveniently located Anwan Wellness Medical Centers.

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